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iCloud Account Removal for iPhone X

15 Jul, 11:16

iCloud Activation Unlock

Your IMEI (iPhone) or Serial Number (iPad/Watch/Mac) Go to Settings >> General >> About on your iPhone to get your IMEI number.
Watch,Mac,iPad serial can be found on device rear

What is an Activation Lock?

Find my iPhone includes a feature called 'Activation Lock' which is designed to prevent anyone else using the device if it's ever lost or stolen. This feature stops anyone else using the device whether its an iPhone, iPad or iWatch by requiring the owner's Apple ID and password prior to activating the device, even if the device is reset. Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you turn find my iphone on a device using ios 7 or later.

Unfortunately this means an innocent consumer may have acquired an iPhone, iPad or iWatch and are stuck with an unusable device with no way of contacting the original owner.

Removes device from the previous owners iCloud account permanently.

Enables you to activate a device where you have forgotten the password.

Works with all iPhone models as well as all iPads/iWatches up to the latest iOS 16.

Are you experiencing the following screens?

iCloud Activation

We can resolve this issue

in under 72 hours - from $39.99

Simply use our iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service

The Activation Lock is permanently removed and the device is removed from the previous owners iCloud account allowing you to activate and set up the device as normal.

24 hours unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for many mobile networks.

Highly Skilled Tech Team

Experienced and certified in all Apple® products.

Your iPhone is safe

You keep your device throughout the entire process.

Reviews by previous iCloud Unlock Clients

If you would like to receive 25% off your order - once your iCloud Activation Lock is removed, simply record a video thanking us for our service and a brief description of your iCloud issue and then send the video to [email protected], we will then approve the video and credit the card you purchased with.

The Legality of an iCloud Unlock (Activation Lock Removal)

A recent news report from a reputed tech media site revealed the dirty underbelly of the secondary iPhone market that paints a dismal and stark picture about the legality of doing an iCloud unlock. Is this view justified, especially considering that it only talks about how an official process can be misused by hackers and phishing specialists for criminal purposes? We hope to offer a more balanced view of the issue. Please note that this is by no means legal advice being shared here. It is merely a counter-opinion to the one penned by the original reporter.

To say that an iCloud unlock or an activation lock removal is outright illegal might be a bit naive, for starters. Understandably, there’s some confusion around the term ‘unlock’ itself. One type of unlock is called a subsidy unlock or a carrier unlock. This is different from an iCloud activation lock, which is Apple’s practice of associating a maximum of one iCloud account with any of its iDevices capable of cellular communication. That means all iPhones and iPads with Wi-Fi and Cellular.

When that one account is inaccessible, the phone or tablet in question is said to be iCloud-locked. What that means is that nobody but the original iCloud account owner can use the device. To call this impractical would be a gross understatement because there are tons of devices out there that are second-hand and locked. Apple itself unlocks iCloud if you can prove that the device is indeed yours. There are also third-party service providers who are authorized to make such changes to an iPhone’s iCloud activation status.

This is the existing system. Enter hackers and thieves, who steal iPhones and iPads and try to get them unlocked by various illegal methods. That’s where the confusion arises around the legality of an iCloud unlock.

To elaborate, these hackers often generate fake purchase receipts for these stolen devices. They get the information from certain databases in an illegal manner, and then approach an Apple Store or a Genius Bar requesting an unlock. In other cases, they use elaborate phishing kits to fool the original owner into providing their iCloud credentials, often mimicking official Apple branding to make the phishing attempt look genuine.

What’s worse, some phone repair shops do “official” iPhone unlocks using not-so-official methods like reprogramming the CPU with a new and “clean” IMEI number, which is the unique fingerprint of any mobile cellular device. This is a highly risky practice, and not very common, thankfully.

That being said, the end effect of all this drama is that genuine iCloud unlock services like ours get a bad rap. There are only a handful of vendors who can do a proper and legit iCloud activation lock removal for you, and we’re one of the them. It is up to you to use the service responsibly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for assistance. They’ll be happy to help you make the decision to unlock iCloud and remove the activation lock on any iPad or iPhone.

Margaret Pearson

Great website, fast iCloud lock removal.. Icloud unlocked in 2 days. great and fast service. i love this website. fast email answers and clear messages. highly recommended. Good prices..

James Wickham

I had my doubts at first but everything went smoothly . Would recommend to anybody, only took 3 days to remove the iCloud lock and allow me to access the phone as normal, and customer service kept me informed - will be using them again thank you

David Rueda

I have to say, I never thought for one minute it would be so easy to get my activation locked IPhone X unlocked with the ease and speed that is has been. I entered into the agreement of getting my IPhone unlocked with my mind firmly believing it would not happen without problems. In the agreed time structure of 1 to 5 days my IPhone X is now unlocked and i can finally get to the home screen and its no longer associated with previous owners account. working perfectly with a Spanish Movistar sim installed. A big thank you to appleiphoneunlock.uk you do exactly what you say, and I will have no problem recommending you and using you again.......THANKS....

Jackson Holt

Amazing, all done within 3 days with email updates to keep me informed. Living in Australia trying to get phone from UK which was activation locked unlocked, I was expecting it to take a long time and to be a lot more complicated! They estimated it could take up to a week to remove the device from the previous owners iCloud account but it was sorted in a few days and I was able to activate it under my own iCloud account! Amazing, so simple and straightforward, I highly recommend this company, thanks so much

Dean Garwood-Gowers

I've had 6 phones activation unlocked so far. Only had trouble with the last one but that was because of a previous jailbreak issue software problems, although the staff at AppleiPhoneUnlock were quick to help! Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Laura Newman

I was wondering how to unlock my iCloud activation locked iPhone. Read the reviews of this website before ordering the unlock for my iPhone 4s, went ahead with the purchase. Website stated 1 - 5 days and 4 days later my phone was unlocked and I was able to activate the phone finally - I inserted SIM card & my phone was up & running without having to log in to iTunes. I also contacted customer service whilst waiting for the unlock & had a response with in 2 hours. Excellent service & would definitely use again.

Kelly Acreman

Having bought an iPhone 7 off eBay recently, I just expected to turn it on, insert my sim card and it would work. Unfortunately for me, it was not unlocked, and not only that it had some kind of lock on it where it was asking for the previous owner's iCloud details! I was very upset as I could not get my phone past the activation stage. As I could not reach the eBay seller, I decided to do some research and see if I could unlock my phone. All in all, it took 3 days to remove the activation lock and unlock it for any network. Thanks guys, you're awesome. (4 stars for time, make it quicker!).

Hussain Didi

excellent service

they are not scam, i was hesitant at first but paid them and got my phone unlocked which was also barred. i am currently trying to icloud activation unlock.


very good service!!!

I bought an iphone6s plus in the ebay,when I received it,I found it was locked by Sprint US,then the seller give me the adress of your web,it take 6 days to unlock the phone,and now I can use it in my sim of Singapore Telecom,and I check the gxs,the activation policy is 2303 multi-mode unlock.Be trustworthy,thank you.


thank you

Mobile has been opened Thank you and iCloud still exists I hope to remove it next days I will use iCloud Unlock / Activation Lock Removal Very wonderful service thank you

Rafael De La Peña

Just Great Service / Einfach super Service

Abdulaziz Ibiyeye

Best One Stop iPhone Unlock Shop

This is the best iPhone unlock that promised to deliver in 15 days and end up getting my unlock in 11 days. I was surprised, have used them in the past but they still held up to their expectation, Integrity and Trust. If I were you I wouldn't think of doubting them for a sec. Make your pre-order, and activation is on the way.

Kiara martin


I love the service ..very fast took only 3 days and my iPhone 6s+ was unlock... I found the iPhone and it was locked with I cloud activation ,looked at a couple sites and stumbled across this one .read over the reviews and ordered my services for the iCloud activation removal.

David Koshy

Great job....was stuck with a Ipad with an activation lock. Thanks a ton.

Great job....was stuck with a Ipad with an activation lock and thought that it was bricked for ever. Thanks a ton. Would gladly recommend your services.

Tonderai R Mujakachi

great service

above par,, great service keep it up,,,, when it comes network locks the service fluid,,, i hope other unlocks like activation,, they clear state wht they can do or not,, in tht part i drop from five stars to four stars... maybe if proven other wise.. great service

Benny S. Castillo

Does what they say

I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try. This was a fantastic solution to my activation lock problem. They were very fast and the communication was spot on. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs an unlock.

Aneesh Kumar V

Excellent service no words. Just outstanding

Excellent service,never thought my iPad get unlocked,i been searching for icloud activation unlock for ages. but I couldn't find anything at all now finally my ipad is ready to use .happydayss

Hussain Bin Hussain


The unlock was within the time frame given. It was easy as turn on your iPad and there you go didn't ask for the iCloud activation anymore. The price was a little expensive for a forgotten iCloud password but was well worth it.

Abako Gideon Luper


Activation was automatic. It didn't take so long as I expected. Great job

Janos Illes

Amazing service!

I bought an iPhone SE around 1 month ago from Carphone warehouse. They sell phones which is so called unlocked. So I was happy that I have an unlocked iPhone SE. I using giffgaff sim card. Later I tried my telenor sim card from Hungary, because soon I'll be on holiday and I have to use that telenor sim card. I put it in and oooops.. phone said invalid sim activation required. After that I started to read about this unlocked phone businnes and I realized the companies like Carphone warehouse sell phones which are so called first sim locked phones. That means you put your sim card in a first time and the phone will be locked for that carrier doesn't matter what kind of carrier sim you put in so I had an O2 locked ( giffgaff use O2 network ) Than I have ordered this unlock service and these guys unlocked my iPhone in official way around 24-30 hours. I have an officialy unlocked SE without any mess. Thanks guys!

M murtada

Great job!

Great job, My At & T iphone 6 was locked and had bills from the previous owner. But hey! Problem solved and im using my new iphone since the morning. Activation took seconds. Thanks alot worth the money!


Genuine Site. iphone 5s vodafone UK

I was abit confused whether i made payment to a scam site or not. Unlock was expected on friday. On friday i got suspecious when unlock wasn't done yet and emailed the support asking about it. I saw two missed calls from the support team which gave me some confidence in them that they genuine. Next day my phone was unlocked. Thanks guys I'll recommend you anytime. NB: Do you also unblocked activation locked iphones and barred ones?


Unlocked iPhone 4 on Orange UK - Very happy!

Gavin Child

A huge help

I accidentally updated my iPhone 3gs' baseband to one that could not be downgraded so I reluctantly realised that the only way I could get use out of this phone was to pay to unlock it. I did research and saw that many trusted iPhone sites mention www.UnlockBase.net and it being the one to use. I paid and 5 days later I was finally unlocked from Vodafone UK. It took a while for iTunes and the phone to get themselves in order with messages like "activation currently unavailable" etc etc, but after rebooting the phone and re-inserting the SIM, I was finally up and running. Thanks very much, guys!

Marek Metslaid

Was skeptical at first, but worked like a charm

Used this service on New years eve. Was skeptical at first about the whole service and the 6 hour activation time. But it worked like a charm. Highly recommended!

Franck Sartori

This official unlocking just works.

I didn't really need to unlock my iPhone 4S but I just followed a friend who was successfull with unlocking his iPhone 4S with this company. His iPhone was unlocked from SFR and my iPhone was unlocked from Bouygues... and it just works. No need to connect to iTunes to finalize the unlocking. Just put an incompatible SIM card after the email from the company is received, there's an easy step of re-activation with Apple and that's all. There's some magic in this business. Franck from France.

Keith G

Not so cheap but cheerful!

I've had 6 phones unlocked so far. Only had trouble with the last one but that was because of activation and software problems. My advice would be have patience with some network providers because this company will come good in the end.

David Davideo

Reliable, quick and easy!!

I was initially not confident about IMEI unlock offered by UnlockBase at all, because on th einternet you can find a lot of scam and trusting SAM activation and Ulrasn0w, but a lot of problem restoring/upgrading with Itunes. Then i decide to give a try with UnlockBase, and now I ask myself why i didn't do that before!!! Highly suggested to everyone in needs to unlock their Iphone, no matter which carrier lock has!!

Jeremy De Groodt

Good system but not well informed about activation status

Very less information about the activation status. But good service and worked fine (after 2 weeks) !