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About iPhone 12 Pro Max

How to supercharge your iPhone 12: unlock to cut costs and maximise flexibility

2020 marked the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, a global catastrophe affecting more than twenty million people in a matter of months. In the same year, Kobe Bryant passed away, Donald Trump was impeached, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, and Joe Biden became president-elect. Then, in October, Apple released its fourteenth-generation iPhones, unveiling the devices at a virtual event staged in Cupertino, California. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max became available in most countries for purchase the same month.

Apple introduced a host of new features, including several major upgrades over the iPhone 11—itself a wildly successful device, 159.2 million units worldwide, making it the tenth best-selling smartphone of all time. Most notably, the iPhone 12 series featured Super Retina XDR OLED displays, 5G support, MagSafe functionality for charging, A14 Bionic SoC processor, and HDR video with Dolby Vision 4K up to 30 fps. As well as additional features, Apple took away longstanding functionalities and accessories. For the first time, Apple did not include a power adapter or EarPods. However, they did include a USB-C to Lightning cable which was retroactively applied to various other iPhone models.

As well as additional features, the iPhone 12 marked Apple’s first major redesign since the landmark iPhone X. Apple reverted to a chassis with flat edges, reminiscent of earlier models in its iPhone series. The borders around the screens display were also reduced and the iPhone 11’s brittle front glass was replaced with a ceramic-hardened alternative. Despite these sweeping changes, critical and public reception was mixed. Upon release, The Verge called the iPhone 12 series ‘beautiful, powerful, and incredibly capable’, praising its design, speed and 5G capabilities. Further, its OLED display, slimmer bezels and improved battery life compared to its predecessor were also praised. Engadget gave the device a positive review too, praising its wireless charging capabilities and redesigned camera system. The public praised the device too, and as of Q2 2021, the iPhone 12 was the third best-selling globally.

It wasn’t all praise though; Apple was criticised for overreliance on Face ID as its sole biometric security feature—critics were concerned the functionality would not work well with face masks. The iPhone 12 mini was also criticised for its inferior battery life compared to the larger iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. There was also a series of complaints coined ‘OLED-gate’, whereby the devices OLED panel black pixels failed to shut off in black scenes resulting in ‘ugly glow’. Interestingly, several independent Apple repair experts raised concerns around a variety of key components which would malfunction and display warnings when replaced with new ones. Apple rectified the issue with the release iOS 14.4 which did display a warning message but otherwise functioned regularly. Finally, some users in Brazil claimed Apple removing the EarPods and power adapters were anti-consumer—it was later discovered that Apple removed both components to reduce costs and not save the environment.

Nevertheless, Apple have sold more than 100 million iPhone 12s globally to date and continue to sell growing numbers. Considering global purchasing trends, many of these devices were bought by users on contract and are locked to major networks meaning users and buyers cannot choose any other network provider. Fortunately, DirectUnlocks can unlock your iPhone 12 simply from the comfort of your own home.

Why should you unlock your iPhone 12?

  1. Most smartphone owners eventually sell their device, using the money to either pay off their contract, fund their next purchase or raise some extra spending money. The iPhone 12 is still wildly popular, and in recent years, the market for used and nearly new iPhones has exploded, buyers can’t buy stock quick enough. But before selling, users should know unlocked iPhone 12s sell for more than locked devices. Private and commercial buyers recognise how much more flexible an unlocked smartphone is and will pay as much as 30% more than the same devices locked counterpart.
  2. Regular travel is more common now than ever, whether it be for business or pleasure. We’re also increasingly dependent on our smartphones when travelling for directions, dining recommendations and keeping in contact with friends and family. However, most travellers will be subjected to expensive roaming costs which are more expensive the more exotic the location. Unlocking your iPhone 12 can help avoid roaming costs. With an unlocked device, users can simply locate a store, purchase a domestic SIM-only package and swap out their current SIM to save money.
  3. Western smartphone users are facing an imminent cost-of-living crisis. Daily bills are increasing and saving money is more important than ever. Unlocked smartphones help reduce monthly outgoings. Once your iPhone 12 is unlocked—even if you’re still paying off your device—you can remove your network SIM and cancel your airtime contract. Then, you’ll be able to access the growing SIM-only market which can beat your monthly contract fee by as much as £240 per year!

Now the benefits of unlocking are clear, DirectUnlocks can help you unlock iPhone 12 devices from the comfort of your own home in four simple steps.

How to unlock your iPhone 12

  1. On the form above simply enter your IMEI, select the country and network that the phone is locked to. Once our software has automatically identified your device make and model, select ‘Buy Now’ to begin unlocking.
  2. Once your payment has successfully cleared, DirectUnlocks will begin processing the unlock. Once complete, even a firmware update won’t affect your lock status. Once payment is confirmed we will update you by email and SMS.
  3. Tracking is available throughout via the DirectUnlocks portal. 24/7 customer care is also available to answer any queries or issues.
  4. Once your iPhone 12 has been successfully unlocked, we will notify you by email and SMS. Apple devices are unlocked entirely remote!

DirectUnlocks have successfully unlocked hundreds of thousands of devices in recent years. Our vast experience means we know the market and can support you with any issues you might experience. Trust us, we’ll make it easy for you!

Why Apple iPhone Unlock is the best unlocking service.

Apple iPhone Unlock IMEI unlocking services is perfect for numerous reasons:

Speedy delivery, outstanding customer service.

The majority of our phone unlocks take less then 24 hours paired with our live order track and dedicated customer service team you know your in great hands.

Completely remote SIM unlocking.

Unlocks to your phone are 'over the air' using 3G/4G or WiFi. Your phone stays with you during the whole process and never interrupts your service.

Tons of variables

Our unlocks are achieved by whitelisting your phone IMEI to your manufactures database to allow for a permanent worldwide unlock that doesn't affect warranty.

Fantastic value, fast unlocks.

We offer the cheapest and most trusted unlocks available on the market.

Frequently asked question

After you checkout Apple iPhone Unlock gets to work quickly to unlock your phone with our IMEI unlock network, we normally unlock a device instantly but sometimes due to restrictions on requests to device manufactures it can take a little longer. We provide an live tracking system for your unlock so you can check it at anytime.
We dont require the physical device to process an unlock, we use the 'over the air' method on 3G/4G or WiFi. During the process your phone is safe with you, there is no lost of service or interruptions and you can check the process with our tracker.
We use the 'IMEI' method because this is the official method from phone manufactures, it provides the safest result and can be done remotely from the comfort of your home. Some providers, offer a 'software unlock', this not only invalidated your warranty but you also need to download software from a unapproved website and trust it doesnt damage your phones capability to officially update.
We only need some basic information about your phone, its super quick to populate. Provide your 15 digit IMEI Number (Dial *#06# on your locked device) and your network/carrier and that's it. We do the rest, our system with find your phone and automatically request the official unlock while updating our tracker.
Unlocking a contract phone is one of our most requested unlock. We may charge an additional price for brand new released phones and ones you've owned for a short time.