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Quickly unlock a phone from O2 to be free to use on any carrier or network with our simple digital unlocking service. AppleiPhoneUnlock has a 100% guarantee to release and unlock your phone from O2 cheaply and quickly.

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About O2

How to get the most out of your O2 phone: unlock to save money and boost flexibility

In1985, Robert Bollard discovered the Titanic wreck and French agents sunk Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship. In the same year, BT Group and Securicor formed Cellnet—one of the UK’s first two mobile networks. Before the millennium, BT purchased Securicor’s share of Cellnet and rebranded as BT Cellnet. In 2002, after the business launched the world’s first GPRS service, BT Cellnet was ‘spun off’, forming ‘mmO2 PLC’, introducing the new O2 brand for the first time, albeit subtly. After great initial success, O2 was purchased in 2006 by Telefónica for £18 billion, marking the beginning of significant further growth for the business.

Following the successful launch of the UK’s first GPRS service, O2 continued to innovate, launching new products and services while pioneering mobile telecommunications. In 2009, O2 announced that for the first time in British history, using six masts in Slough, it had maintained a functional 4G network. Then, in 2012, O2 announced that it would begin providing free internet to millions of people—habitants and visitors—in central London. This free Wi-Fi zone was available for users of any network. Following this, in 2013, Ofcom awarded O2 spectrum for 4G LTE coverage. This spectrum meant O2 must provide coverage to 99% of the UK population. Finally, in 2017, following the release of iOs 10.3, O2 allowed WiFi Calling for iPhone 7, allowing users for the first time to make calls without using their minutes. Instead, they could speak via WiFi networks or using network data.

After years of sustained innovation and growth, Telefónica agreed to merge O2 with Virgin Media, creating Virgin Media O2, structured as a joint venture between the two holding firms.

O2s dramatic growth to many millions of customers happened amidst a revolution in smartphone functionality, desirability and ownership. Since the release of IBM’s SPC—the world’s first smartphone—in 1992, a whole lot has changed. Since Apple’s iPhone, smartphone ownership has been trendy. Additionally, enhanced app functionality has integrated smartphone into everyday life. With manufacturers releasing new models bi-annually, keeping up with the latest trends became increasingly expensive. Large networks like O2 found a way around this.

Today, O2 has more than 35 million customers and operates more than 450 retail stores as well as sponsoring sports teams and performance venues. Considering the volume of current and past customers, the number of locked O2 smartphones in use and lying around dormant in British homes is enormous. But locked devices are undesirable, for users and buyers. Here’s why—if you have a locked O2 smartphone—you should consider unlocking with DirectUnlocks.

Why unlock your O2 smartphone?

There are a ton of reasons why you should unlock your O2 smartphone, for convenience we’ve summarised the three main reasons:

  • Whether you’re currently using a locked O2 smartphone or have one in a draw at home, most people eventually sell these devices. Whether to pay off their remaining contract or just to raise funds for another purchase, the second-hand smartphone market can be lucrative and convenient. Put simply, unlocked smartphones are worth more than locked devices. Buyers of all nature recognise the benefits of an unlocked device, for this reason they’ll pay more to buy one. So, if you want to maximise your device value before selling it, a simple unlock will boost your return.
  • More people travel regularly now than ever before, whether for work or pleasure it’s commonplace to travel abroad several times per year. Locked devices are subject to hefty roaming charges. When using your locked phone in another country, you’re subject to whatever roaming charges apply. Usually these fees are substantial, much more so than the cost of domestic data and network fees, not to mention your own contract. So, unlocked devices allow users to purchase cheap domestic pre-paid SIM cards and swap their contract SIM during the holiday to completely avoid roaming charges.
  • Mobile users worldwide are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis, monthly bills are growing rapidly, and people are out of pocket. Most people spend at least £50 per month on their mobile phone bill. Unlocking your device could save you at least £25 per month, totalling a whopping £300 per year. Once unlocked, instead of being obliged to pay for pricy data from large networks, users can search the growing, competitive SIM-only market which allows users to purchase data from smaller networks without large overheads. As such, users can expect to pay substantially less for comparative usage. This flexibility to swap and change gives struggling users options.

Now it’s clear why you should want to unlock O2 phone, you’ll be pleased to know that with DirectUnlocks it’s a simple four-step process that can be completed from your own home!

How to unlock your O2 phone

Unlocking used to be a real pain, once upon a time smartphone owners were forced to visit retail locations or wait in long call queues to speak to customer service agents. DirectUnlocks can unlock your device remotely in four simple steps.

  1. Simply enter your device IMEI in the form above. Once you’ve done this, DirectUnlocks can identify your device make and model. Finally, click ‘buy now’ to get started.
  2. When your payment has cleared, we can begin processing the order, automatically correcting any mistakes you might have made entering your details. How long it takes to complete the unlock will vary by network and device
  3. Whilst your unlock is processing, you can track your order on the DirectUnlocks website. You’ll also have access to 24/7 customer care if you have any issues or questions.
  4. Finally, once your order is complete, we will contact you by email and SMS to confirm the unlock. iPhones are unlocked entirely remotely, meanwhile alternative devices require a code which we will provide for you.

DirectUnlocks have been unlocking smartphones for many years, we’ve successfully unlocked hundreds of thousands of devices and have a great track record. We’re the number one choice for anybody wanting to unlock their device, wherever you might live or whatever the device!

Frequently asked question

After you checkout Apple iPhone Unlock gets to work quickly to unlock your phone with our IMEI unlock network, we normally unlock a device instantly but sometimes due to restrictions on requests to device manufactures it can take a little longer. We provide an live tracking system for your unlock so you can check it at anytime.
We dont require the physical device to process an unlock, we use the 'over the air' method on 3G/4G or WiFi. During the process your phone is safe with you, there is no lost of service or interruptions and you can check the process with our tracker.
We use the 'IMEI' method because this is the official method from phone manufactures, it provides the safest result and can be done remotely from the comfort of your home. Some providers, offer a 'software unlock', this not only invalidated your warranty but you also need to download software from a unapproved website and trust it doesnt damage your phones capability to officially update.
We only need some basic information about your phone, its super quick to populate. Provide your 15 digit IMEI Number (Dial *#06# on your locked device) and your network/carrier and that's it. We do the rest, our system with find your phone and automatically request the official unlock while updating our tracker.
Unlocking a contract phone is one of our most requested unlock. We may charge an additional price for brand new released phones and ones you've owned for a short time.